EastEnders Season 3 Episode 7 : January 22, 1987

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EastEnders Season 3 Episode 7 : January 22, 1987
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Genre: Soap, Drama
Air Date: 1987-01-22
Season Number: 3
Episodes Number: 7
Overview: Dirty Den invites Jan to move into the Queen Vic with him. OzCab Five finally calls in. Mary discovers the comptition is tough in her newfound profession. Ali wants to hire Naima as a contract cabbie to protect the trade since she started giving women friends free rides in her van. When he asks her about it, she says she isn't interested. Sue still says Mehmet's overchargeing the customers is the reason business is off. Ali says that is all sorted out. OzCab 5 calls in! (he is on the roof of the cab to get radio contact and Ali asks if the cab is moving) Then he goes to Gatwick when Ali tells him to "get back quick". Then he goes to Waterloo when he complains about finding a toilet and Ali says something about putting a loo in the back of the cab. Then the cab gets towed away at Waterloo. Mary has a hooker job uptown and gets Sue to watch Mary after Pat refuses as she doesn't want to aid her prostitution. She comes back from "just down the road" all beat up but doesn't want to call the police. Pat takes her to the surgery and doesn't believe Mary's story that she was beaten up by the "Walford Attacker" and knows it was a "John". Mary confesses to Sue that the other girls beat her up for trying to approach their tricks, when she started working their patch on the market. Naima asks Tony to fix the roof on the flat they are renting. He refuses and accuses her of nicking their cab customers. Sharon is getting £20 a week allowance from Den but she is giving it all to Angie for her gin.
Stars: Adam Woodyatt (Ian Beale), , June Brown (Dot), , Gillian Taylforth (Kathy), , Anna Wing (Lou Beale), , Bill Treacher (Arthur Fowler), , Susan Tully (Michelle), , Peter Dean (Pete Beale), , Anita Dobson (Angie Watts), , Gretchen Franklin (Ethel Skinner), , Leonard Fenton (Dr. Legg), , Sandy Ratcliff (Sue Osman), , Nej Adamson (Ali Osman), , Tom Watt (Lofty Holloway), , Linda Davidson (Mary Smith), , Paul J Medford (Kelvin Carpenter), , Nick Berry (Simon Wicks), , Pam St. Clement (Pat), , Michael Cashman (Colin Russell), , Donald Tandy (Tom), , Gary Hailes (Barry Clark), , Leslie Grantham (Den Watts), , Wendy Richard (Pauline), , Letitia Dean (Sharon),